Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow.

Right. So Jo just got back from the One Show in NY where she was on hand to pick up the GOLD PENCIL for N.A.S.A.’s “Spacious Thoughts”. It was for Best Broadcast Design Single. It’s a shiny, heavy, golden pencil. Awesome! Thanks to Seth Calloway for all his support.

Reminder tonight is the CHROMATIC show at the SAT in Montreal. Check out MASSIVart for more info. They’ll be showing “Myraid Harbour” and “Spacious Thoughts”. If you see either myself or Jo at the show stop and say “Parsnips” and we’ll give you one of the 1″ buttons above for free.

Speaking of “Myriad Harbour” the next issue of IdN (Vol.17 No.2) features a very brief interview, as well as the video on the accompanying DVD. If you don’t pick this issue up you’re missing out on a ton of awesome pages filled with some of our favourite poster designers: Aesthetic Apparatus, Tyler Stout, Doublenaut, Doe Eyed etc… go buy it here.

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