Twenty Thirteen.


So you may have noticed we’ve been MIA for a helluva long time, but that’s doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy…..actually it means we’ve been incredibly busy…and waaaayyy too lazy to update this blog. Although the kids in the know have been following our random posts on the facebookz and twitterzz and instagramzzzzz.

So what have we been up to? We can’t say. Sorry. Due to legal boring contracts and rights issues and blah blah blah… I bored myself halfway through that sentence. What I can say is that we have three new visual treats that are about to come out and that they were completed sometime ago and have just been sitting dormant in our archives collecting digidust. The good news is that all three should be coming out shortly, one each month for the next three months. So every few weeks something new will be coming your way.

In the meantime we’re heading to NY for Pictoplasma to check out all the goodies and steal everyone’s trade secrets.

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