Found another great online comic artist. Kate Beaton. There’s also a great “radio” interview, or “podcast” with her over at InkStuds. Pretty great stuff, especially the “Conversations With A Younger Self”. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s from Cape Breton as well, maybe it’s the great line work, maybe it’s the impressive and consistent output, maybe it’s the historical mixed with the wit…. … … Either way, it’s all good stuff.

But what of FH these days?

Well we’re cookin’ up somethin’ extra special which will be out in November…. I know, I know we said September two posts ago….but we’re puttin’ in the overtime, and have turned our caps backwards…”Over The Top” style, so you know it’s gonna get with the gettin’ good. We think you’ll like it…. hopefully. I know we’re super excited about it. I’ll post an image very soon.

Later kids.

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