The majority of last year and the beginning of 2020 we spent in self-imposed self-isolation writing, storyboarding, and creating an animatic for a feature length film full of puppets, CG, live action and animation. We emerged from our burrow/studio, weary eyed and shaggy looking, only to head right back into isolation along with everyone else.

Thanks to The Canada Council For The Arts we were able to take an extended amount of time to explore and test out our ideas. Some worked and some failed miserably. In the end, we created something we never thought we’d have the chance to. We have no idea where it’ll go from here, as it turns out our idea is expensive af. Perhaps one day we’ll get around to making it, and getting to collaborate with a slew of incredibly creative people we have in mind for the project.

In the meantime, and although it still needs quite a bit of work in the dialogue department and some story restructuring, we thought we’d share a few panels from the storyboard. Your peepers can rest assured that these panels don’t give away any plot twists or spoilers. Actually, it probably doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.  These aren’t the final character designs, maybe we’ll save those for another post, maybe you’ll never see them. Who knows!? It’s uncertain times.

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