Spectacle: The Music Video.


You might have remembered our post from a couple of weeks ago talking about Spectacle: The Music Video. We had the pleasure of attending the opening night festivities and it was as great as we could have imagined. The exhibit is spread across three floors of the Museum of Moving Images and packed with great props from some classic music videos of yesteryear, including stuff from Michel Gondry, Hammer and Tongs, Encyclopedia Pictura and Shynola! Our Spacious Thoughts video is featured among a bunch of other amazing music videos and can be seen in one of the many screens hanging on the walls. If you’ve got some time, we suggest you sit your bums down in the main theatre to check em’ all out in their glorious big screen. Seriously guys… all the videos look amazing.

Vevo did a great job of giving you all a sneak peek and interviewing some of the people involved in this great exhibit, including yours truly. Check’em both out below!:

For all you New Yorkers and visitors to NYC, head on down to the MOMI and catch this show while you can (April 3-June 16)!

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