FH kicked it in NY for a week and a half and soaked up all the goinz’ons.

First thing we did was hit up the New York Comic Con. This being our first “Con”,( that’s what kids in the know call it)  we weren’t sure what to expect, but it was everything you think it would be…costumes, artists, books, toys, costumes. It was nuts.Then we hit up the Lincoln Center for the tenth anniversary of The Royal Tannenbaums. Keeping things in Comic Book perspective, Eric Anderson is the spitting image of Chris Ware.After that we roamed the streets, running into Bill Murray and more costumes.We hit up St.Anne’s Warheouse for Stop The Virgens and had our socks knocked off.On our last day we hit up the Museum of Moving Image to take in the Jim Henson exhibit. When security guards weren’t looking we snapped a few polaroids of these fellas.The last thing we saw in NY, was this creepy ol’Yoda puppet.Then we grabbed a cab and got the hell outta there.We’re heading back this week to check out the Pictoplasma NY conference where we’ll be checking out some of our favourite artists like Gary Taxali and Tim Biskup. More news coming up shortly….

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