Migration Premiere.

Hey kids! This here’s our lil’ film Migration. A year and a half ago, it premiered at Pictoplasma in the Kino Babylon, Berlin. As I write this, it is once again screening in Berlin in the exact same theatre, but at a different festival. We’ve been incredibly lucky to have it screen at so many festivals, galleries, and museums across the globe. There are just far too many people to thank, but it’s a pretty safe bet to say that if you’re reading this, then you’ve given us support along the way.  So a tip o’the hat to you.

It is made available online through Short Of The Week, and Stash. So send’em some love.

If you check it out on our vimeo page you can see the full list of festivals it has screened at and what awards we were lucky enough to pick up along the way.

Click our tiny press kit page for info, stills, trailer, poster and other junk if you’re interested.

The film would not have been possible, nor half the film it is, if it wasn’t for:

Model & Rigging Jacques Khouri

Original Music & Sound McKenzie Stubbert

2D Animation Yin Ko Lee

Intern Cheyenne Curtis

Mixing Ashley Stubbert

Special Thanks Darren Pasemko and our family.

Big hugs y’all!

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