Big ups for the new magazine Domestic Etch and the blog (of the same name)¬†maintained by Elizabeth Goodspeed¬†. She was kind enough to feature us on her blog a little while back, and we wanted to send a lil’ luv her way…so go buy her magazine damnit!

You’ll find this inside:

This issue features interviews with Adam Hancher, Jon Burgerman, T Shirt designer Calin Sarbut, Omar Pineda, Brian Jobe, Camilla D’Errico, and painter and children’s book author Oliver Jeffers. It also showcases original art by Benjamin Constantine, Danielle Estefan, Maarten Donders, Jake Gagne, Caitlin Shearer, Elena Niento, and many more, along with articles on package design, video game art, Tim Burton, and Ryan McGinness.

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