Gigs & GO.

2016 got off to a poppin’ start, as we jumped on board a new spot for Mozilla directed by our man Pasemko . It’s all about encryption, and if you don’t know what the hell that is, then you need to get watchin’!

After that wrapped, we jumped on another project that we can’t show just yet… so keep a hold of them horses son.


Then we went into pitch mode, and pumped out a pile of visuals for projects that never materialized. Dems da breaks. But here’s a small glimpse of our pitch for The Avalanches newest track Frankie Sinatra feat. Danny Brown and MF DOOM.


We then jumped into a production for GO Transit. Where we created a video for commuters and how to behave while travelling aboard GO. (cuz by the sounds of it, there’s some nasty folks out there) Here’s the director’s cut…the other cut is out there on the internet somewhere if you feel like looking for it.

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