CutOut Pic Post.

Some pics from our time in Mexico at the Cutout Fest and our week in Tullum and Mexico City, which was a blast. We attended every lecture we possibly could and drank every drink we got our hands on. Thanks to Tweenbox for posting some of these pics.A doodle from Jo.The crowd in Queretaro.Ol’itchy elbow Jo, and Ol’itchy neck Julia.Sam and David discussing tight black shirts.Matt showing the crowd how to put things in your ears.Conrado right before he murdered half the crowd.Mark asleep on the beach with a strange dog.Nightcaps.Obviously you keep a fridge full of games right beside the bathroom.Batman heads. You need’em. We got’em!The purrfect gift for christmas.Tin toys.Apes.If you didn’t like the toy cat, you’ll love the toy dog.

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  1. florenceann says:

    i like to sleep on the beach in mexico with random dogs, too. your looks much less mangy than mine.

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