Blue Cherry.

Last year we helped out our good friend Nathan Jurevicius on his film “Blue Cherry”. The film has been hopping from festival to festival since January where it made its debut at the Children’s Film Fest in Seattle. It was also lucky enough to be chosen as Best Animated Film at the South Australian Screen Awards. Congrats to the whole crew and everyone involved.

The film is now available online. Head on over to Nathans Vimeo account to check out more wonderful films.

Here’s the full list of credits:

Nathan Jurevicius (writer, producer,director), Steve ‘Rinzen’ Alexander (music/fx editor), Fluorescent Hill (animation), Round Dice (modelling/tech direction), Flipbook (lighting/rendering), Brent Maloney (exec producer), Arv Slabosevicius (layout), Noko Washiyama (inspiration), Duncan Bean (rigging), & Luke Jurevicius (co-producer/editor)

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