The duo has been diggin’ and diggin’ and diggin’ some more. For gold? Rubies? Oil wells? No, that’s ridiculous. We’re gettin’ the last of our visuals ready for the Pictoplasma lecture that takes place on the 9th of April, so the archives of behind the scenes and preliminary sketches are being scanned as we speak….as I speak out loud typing this.

In other news relating to Pictoplasma, the new volume of characters in motion is now out. It’s damn pretty!

Also while Jo was in SXSW a few weeks back she did a quick little interview for the fine folk over at Living Proof magazine & End of The World Entertainment. Watch the video below.

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  1. Hello fluohill!
    We added your Video, the Spacious Thoughts, which we ve seen on pictoplasma to our webblog.

    Kind Regards

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