3×5 AKA. The Dead Files. Pt.3

Pew! Pew! Pew! We’re shootin’ straight lasers at these dead files killin’em cold. This is numero trois! Hope you like’em.


This was a little animation test of a much bigger project we were going to do for Havas. It was meant to be an internal thing, but never materialized.


These were some preliminary sketches for a couple of spots we did for some cough syrup. They only aired in doctors offices in Quebec. So I doubt many people have seen them, and we’ve never posted them, because they have no audio…for some reason or another? The final spots had no outlines, but like the stuff we posted yesterday, we prefer the bolder black line of these earlier concepts. Maybe one day we’ll bust out some drum machines and post’em.


Lastly for today we’ve done a few automotive spots over the years and have pitched on even more. These are some rough concepts, styleframes , and early character designs for some of the ones we actually made, which haven’t been released yet. See you tomorrow.


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