3×5 AKA. Dead Files. Pt.4

Alrighty! It’s that time o’day again, where we bombard all your social media with junk that never was or will be. Let’s go!


First up is a page from a comic that’s been done for a while, but haven’t gotten it out to the printers for one reason or another. The plan is to correct that in the next week or two, so you can consider this a very short preview. It’s called The Rooster.

This was a character design we did for our friend Ko. Hopefully he’ll get the funding one day to make his film and we can show you all the other crazy things we designed.


Lastly this was a pitch for Reactine. We didn’t win this job, but it was fun to mix so many styles for one spot.

Last day tomorrow. Maybe we saved the best for last? Maybe we didn’t?


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