3×5 AKA. Dead Files. Pt.2

Day number two y’all! Three lil’ pics of more process and randomness.

ASketchy sketcherton. I’ve always kept a sketchbook on me at all times, mostly because I tend to forget the ideas I come up with pretty quickly. I’ve now come to realize I need one wherever I go, so I’ve come up with a system of having one at home, one in my book bag which I carry at all times, and several at work. These books are a total mess and are filled with nonsense, math calculations, and mostly just trying to figure out how to do something as opposed to finished pieces.

Here’s the office pile.IMG_1912

BBBAt the beginning of last year we did a campaign to remind and inform the people of Ontario it was time to vote. These were the preliminary sketches we had come up with. You can see glimpses of what the project eventually became but I still prefer the bold more stylized line of these characters.

Lastly, this was a rough concept for a project that never got funded. I won’t go into too much detail of what it was, ‘cuz who knows if we’ll just do it one of these days ourselves. But the character is a combination of several techniques including Stop Motion , CG, and 2D animation.

That’s it that’s all! See ya’ tomorrow.

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