It’s been a min. since we’ve posted anything, but that’s ‘cuz we decided to consolidate our old blog and website into one all encompassing FH extravaganza depository for things we make and things we love. Most of our old posts are here, we’ve tried our best to make sure the links still work for stuff from ages ago, but as the ever changing social media tastes have come and gone, people have moved stuff from one website to another like the digital nomads we are, and … well… shit gets lost.

We’re coming up on 20 years as FH (we might already be 20 depending how you look at it) and we’re still experimenting with new stuff and trying to get better at posting those successes and failures so they aren’t for nothing. Hopefully you’ll see them and say to yourself. “That’s shit bruh! I can do better than that!” That’s our goal. Inspire others out of love and hate by instilling the idea that you can do this to. There’s so secret sauce or trick. Just love what you’re doing, even if it’s poo poo.

We have a few new projects cookin’ in the brain oven. We’ve been steadily messin’ around with new tools, see below for a few results. We’re about to embark on a script and storyboard for a new film. We’re working on Part 2 of Victory, despite not having put the first part up for sale yet, although a few copies have made their way into the wild. And lastly, we’re hoping to get around to a final revision on our In The Forest Dwells project.

So it all just boils down to two things. 1. THANK YOU for the last 20 years of love and support. It has truly meant the world to us… and 2. Our classic FH mantra…”Keep them peepers peeped!”

K. Luv’ u bye!

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